United States Department of Labor

Information Available:

  • FMLA
  • Wage Compliance & Fair Labor Standards
  • Overtime Rules
  • Workplace Safety & Health
  • Health Benefits Coverage Under Federal Law

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Information Available:

  • Workers Rights
  • OSHA’s rules and regulations
  • Training Requirements
  • Data on Safety and Enforcement

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Information Available:

  • Coordination of Medicare-Medicaid
  • Regulation on Guidance for Medicare-Medicaid
  • Research & Statisticts

Health & Human Services

Information Available:


State Regulatory Resources

Information Available:

  • Disability Claim
  • Paid Family Leave Claim
  • Process documents for DI and PFL
  • Employer payroll tax information
  • Employer information on how to respond to claims

Local Regulatory Resources

SF General Services Agency

Health Care Security Ordinance

Information Available:

  • HCSO guidelines for companies in SF and required Spending Requirement
  • SF Citywide Laws
  • SF Annual Reporting Form

SF CityOption

Information Available:

  • Employer portal to setup and distribute funds to a MRA
  • SF City Option Booklet

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