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Medical & Optional Benefits

    • 6 of California’s leading health insurance carriers
    • Multiple HMO, EPO, PPO, and HSA-compatible plans
    • Access to Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Metal Tiers
    • Single Metal Tier – offer employees access to the health plans and benefits available in a single tier
    • Tiered Choice – offer employees access to the health plans and benefits available in two neighboring metal tiers
      1. Defined Contribution
      2. Optional Dental, Vision, Chiropractic/Acupuncture, and Life Insurance benefits
    • ONE enrollment form, ONE contact number for questions, ONE website  to manage  your benefits
    • ONE streamlined monthly bill for all lines of coverage

ca-choice-carriers-vendors Small Group Business Solutions Suite We know running a business can be difficult, so depending on how many employees you have, your business will have all of the access to products and services below at absolutely NO COST! ca-choice-free-additional-benefits Customer Service California Choice has served Californians since 1996 and they understand the unique needs of small businesses. As the only Small Group Private Exchange in California, their goal is to provide outstanding benefits, consolidated administration, and the best customer service year-round to all of their customers. Let Benefit Agents show the benefits of California Choice!  

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