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Benefit Agents focuses on helping your HR department stay in compliance. Cobra, HIPAA, FMLA, Erisa or other compliance responsibilities are constantly changing. We have over 15 Human Resource and compliance partners to assist your company’s requirements. In addition to superior customer service we will provide access to HR 360, a toll-free HR hotline, a review of a company handbook to a termination checklist. Our HR team is here to support your business.

With access to employment and benefit attorneys we can answer your toughest questions. Benefit Agents looks forward to sharing these HR Services with you at no additional cost.

You may login to HR 360 below. If you do not have a username and password please contact us.

HR 360

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Through HR360, we provide our clients with access to a comprehensive online HR resource. This reference center contains employee benefits and HR information, including laws, trends and developments. Employee Benefits are discussed with easy to understand content. Additional Human Resource information is provided highlighting governing laws around HR facilitation including employee hires and terminations.

We invite you to utilize this HR resource as a comprehensive library to deliver fast, accurate information when and where you need it. Features available include an easy-to-understand and navigate HR essentials, a targeted search engine, one-on-one responsiveness through ‘Ask the Experts’ and hundreds of downloadable forms.

The full-range of benefits include:

  • Overview of Employee Benefits
  • Who Is Eligible for Benefits
  • Mandated Employee Benefits
  • Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Cafeteria Plans
  • COBRA & Termination Benefits
  • Dental Insurance
  • Fringe Benefits and Executive Perks
  • Employer-Provided Health & Life Insurance
  • HIPAA Introduction
  • What Employers Need to Know about HIPAA
  • HSAs, HRAs, FSAs and MSAs
  • State Medicaid Information
  • HIPAA Privacy Compliance
  • Medicare

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