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As a health insurance consultant in California, Benefit Agents can assist in the development of well-balanced employee benefit program whether a small company or international business. Designed to the specific needs of our individual clients, our services include:

Initial Planning Meeting

In order to foster a long term relationship with our clients,  Benefit Agents will discuss the following topics:

  • Understand the employer’s benefit objectives
  • Understand the business platform in which the company operates
  • Recognize what the company views as a competitive benefit program
  • Discuss funding mechanisms used in the past
  • Discuss employee likes and dislikes with past and current benefit program
  • Review benefit documentation
  • Discuss prior claims experience
  • Identify strategies for implementing mid-year and renewal changes
  • Discuss an action plan for the remaining plan year
  • Review HIPAA and COBRA compliance

Follow-up or Plan Design Meeting

Through subsequent meetings we will provide:

  • A side by side plan and cost comparison
  • Discuss carrier selection
  • Discuss company budget and contribution levels
  • Recommend plan design modifications or changes
  • Discuss current and alternative funding mechanisms
  • Update any pending compliance issues
  • Discuss any current or anticipated legislative issues that may effect benefit program over the course of the plan year
  • Identify strategies for implementing mid-year and renewal changes

Renewal Meetings

Benefit Agents will competitively bid all benefit plans when deemed necessary. In this process we will:

  • Identify current competitive carriers
  • Develop a side by side comparison of plan costs and benefits
  • Discuss any network changes
  • Review updates in any administrative changes
  • Schedule an annual employee meeting

Communication Through Open Enrollment

Each year during the annual open enrollment we expect to:

  • Prepare employee information with individual material related to current group policies and SPD’s
  • Provide online benefit summaries, enrollment and administrative solutions accessible 24/7
  • Facilitate employee meetings to discuss benefit and plan changes
  • Discuss any legislative updates relating to current group policies, such as HSA regulation changes and Health Care Reform
  • Update administrators on any carrier or insurance administration changes
  • Review Section 125 Plan
  • Provide HIPAA and COBRA compliance documentation to keep you in compliance
  • Provide access to benefit consulting firms to benchmark claims data
  • Provide medical network disruption reports

Administration Solutions and Other Services

Benefit Agents streamlines the way we conduct business for our clients through our efficient benefit administration processes for both the employer and their employees. Our specialized knowledge is derived through our experience. We exceed common expectations through:

  • Educational meetings for the employer and employees
  • Provide guidance and representation for claims and service issues
  • Monthly HR and Benefit Newsletters on pertinent health related topics and legislative updates
  • Complimentary access to an HR and compliance library
  • Cobra Administration Services
  • Provide health improvement information and resources
  • Effectively streamlining the administration process

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