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Group Health Insurance is issued to members of societies, professionals in a common group, or more commonly to the employees of a business.  Such coverage is typically available at a discount to the respective individual rates due to a reduction of adverse selection.  For groups of 50 or less members, rates are based on each member’s age and location.  Since the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, pre-existing conditions are no longer a factor in determining rates or eligibility. For groups with more than 50 employees, the rate for each individual is not based on age or location, rather it is a fixed cost for each member.  Each group has the ability to customize their employee benefit package based on the employee demographics.

Health Care is a complex industry, and now more than ever it pays to be a smart shopper.  Ultimately, it comes down to having the ability to choose the right plan from the right carrier.  As employee benefit specialists, we are here to help you balance employee expectations and your budget as we have access to more than 70 carriers in the state.  We never compromise benefits for cost, yet we will provide you with a custom side-by-side comparison of plans and our professional opinion.

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