Employee Benefits

As small group specialists, we understand the intricacies involved in offering the richest benefits to your employees while maintaining control over costs.  With medical premiums soaring in recent years, it’s important to acknowledge that potential applicants seeking a position at your company are probably filtering out positions based on benefits even prior to looking at wages.

While federal guidelines only mandate employers with a minimum of 50 employees to offer minimum essential medical coverage, many small businesses feel the need to offer equal benefits to compete for talent.  Not only do benefits attract talent, but more importantly they help retain key employees within your workforce.

  • A recent survey showed that 68% of workers who are satisfied with their benefits package are also satisfied with their jobs.
  • A similar survey showed that 80% of employees would select additional benefits over a nominal pay raise.

Beyond just offering benefits, the true value is promoted with the proper communication and education channels for your employees.  At Benefit Agents, we offer our clients the technology to easily facilitate the administration of benefits year round to put your team on par with larger corporations – giving your benefit package the spotlight it deserves.

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