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COVERED CA SHOP Plans – Small Group Medical Plans

Covered CA SHOP coverage beginning Jan. 1, 2014, will include six health insurance plans in 19 pricing regions throughout California.  No region of the state will have fewer than three health insurance plans available, and most will have four or more, with dozens of products to choose from.

Covered CA offers small businesses four levels of health insurance plans – Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Employers can choose the coverage level that is the best fit for them, then select the anchor plan in that coverage level that suits their budget.  Their employees can choose coverage under the anchor plan, or a different plan so long as it is in the same coverage level.  If the employee chooses a more expensive plan, the employee absorbs the additional cost but still has flexibility and choice.

Having this much choice to offer employees puts small businesses on par with larger employers.  This is critical in recruiting excellent talent who often seek jobs with top-drawer health benefits.  In the past, providing employee choice meant the employer had to pay additional fees.  Covered CA SHOP supplies a broad choice at no additional cost.

Additionally, employees enroll online through Covered CA SHOP, relieving small businesses of the need to manage enrollment paperwork.  Even if employees choose different plans, employers will receive only one consolidated bill.

EZ Census Online Tool

The first step necessary to see what is available to your business is to obtain a company census.  Compiling a group census has never been easier with our new online tool – EZ Census.  EZ Census is the simplest, fastest and most convenient solution for obtaining employee census data and generating quotes under the Affordable Care Act 2014 guidelines.

Beginning January 1,2014, census data will require employee and dependent dates of birth and zip codes in order to receive a health insurance quote.

EZ Census allows your employees to privately and securely provide the required information in just a few steps.  Employees can use any internet-enabled device, including their computers, tablets, or smartphones to enter their information.

Our tool is designed with the HR professional in mind, not only saving time but providing a hassle free way to collect and compile data.  To receive log-in credentials for the tool, please fill out the form below.

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