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Benefit Agents provides instant access to the Covered California health insurance exchange.  Whenever or wherever you decide to enroll under Covered CA, know that you will be receiving the same standard rate from all licensed brokers.  There are no add-ons, no hidden fees – just quality healthcare . We provide a simple and straight forward solution to get you insured under a Covered CA health insurance policy immediately.  We specialize in presenting individuals, families, and groups a comparison of different options through Covered CA or the private medical carrier networks. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, sometimes referred to as “Obamacare” recognizes that most individuals that do not have health insurance are either not offered it through their jobs, cannot afford it, or are denied coverage from a pre-existing medical condition.  Covered CA provides sliding scale financial help so that all Americans can receive essential health benefits at a fair price, where no one can be denied coverage. If you do not qualify for Covered CA subsidies, you should still evaluate your options on the private marketplace. Everyone is legally required to have health insurance. Given the statewide increase in premiums to accommodate Covered CA subsidies, it’s your job to enroll in something that conforms to your income level and desired level of coverage.  Let one of our agents assist your families needs and obtain the most cost effective combination of benefits.

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